Cosplay Realm Magazine’s 2018 Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Aesthel

Every year the team here at Cosplay Realm Magazine likes to put together a holiday gift guide! These nerdy gifts are perfect for cosplayers, photographers, and fans of pop culture alike! The gift guide is printed in our December issue every year, but we also like to share it on our website for those of you who haven’t gotten the magazine to see! Continue reading to see the great things featured in 2018’s gift guide!


  • Merchoid - Fandom Holiday Sweaters

Merchoid is such a fun site! On there you can find everything you’d ever want from figures to wearables to home decor and more! Most exciting around this time of year is their collection of holiday sweaters! Check out their 2018 Geek’s Guide to Christmas to find your favorite sweater! We were lucky enough to get two of their sweaters to wear in our own gift guide this year. Aesthel is wearing the Venom: Season of the Symbiote sweater while Em has the Star Wars: Lack of Cheer sweater! Both of these sweaters are so incredibly well made and they’re perfect to keep you warm and cozy, show that holiday spirit, and rep your favorite fandoms!

  • Anime Stuff Store - Cosplay Wigs

Anime Stuff Store is another great site to find all kinds of great products! Their site is of course anime focused and you can find lots of figures and other character merch! They also sell some cosplay goods like costumes and wigs! Everything on their site is also super affordable! We were so excited to wear two of their wigs this holiday season. Aesthel has the Bubblegum Pink Miku wig and Em is wearing the Lilac Purple Kyoko wig. Both of these wigs were super smooth and really comfortable to wear!

  • Boxuchan - Anime DVD Box

Boxuchan is a really cool new subscription box service! It’s really different from most other subscription boxes because with this one, every order is completely personalized! Boxuchan is an anime DVD box, but they also send lots of other themed goodies according to your taste! It’s super easy too, you just have to fill out a quick survey when you order! Aesthel filled out our survey according to her tastes- lots of focus on cute things and fantasy genre! We were sent two series, Romeo X Juliet and Moon Phase. We also got a super cute Yokai Watch figure and a Boxuchan logo Tee!

  • Big Bad Toy Store - Collectibles

We have worked with the site Big Bad Toy Store in the past, previously featuring them in our Marvel issue. It was so fun to include another of their figures! Big Bad Toy Store is our go to for figures and collectibles of all kinds! Featured here is the Thor: Ragnarok Battle Diorama Series Loki 1/10 Art Scale Statue. This figure is currently sold out, but you can find so many other great figures on their site! They range from Marvel to DC, Star Wars, Anime, and so many more! We’re sure you can find the perfect gift for anyone on this site!

  • CoKanCo - Ita Bags

CoKanCo is another site we’ve previously worked with! We featured them in our 2017 gift guide and it was so much fun to revisit them this year! Both of us have grown so much in the last year and we love supporting our friends through the magazine! CoKanCo “Anime on Display” is a go to for any Ita Bag needs! They sell base bags as well as a TON of really cool accessories and even some character merch on their site! We were so excited to photograph two predecorated bags from them this year. We decided to both do some character cosplay looks to go with the bags too which made it extra fun! Em did a Bakugou inspired look with her My Hero Academia KiriBaku ship bag, hers is the Red OTB Messenger Bag. This color variant was just successfully funded on Kickstarter, congrats guys! Aesthel is wearing her Hatsune Miku cosplay with her Hatsune Miku themed Affectuator Bag.

Got some of your own ideas? Anything you’d like to see in the gift guide next year that we missed? Let us know! Want to see the Gift Guide and more in print? Pick up Cosplay Realm’s December 2018 issue today!