Cosplayer: Aesthel | Photo: Emily Rey


November Theme: Fantasy

Extended Submission Period; October 1st - October 21st

Submit via email to

Contribution Guidelines:

  • Check in with your creative team before submitting. Written and or digital permission to submit from both parties of cosplay model and photographer (depending on which party is submitting) via screen shot or photography release to Cosplay Realm Magazine for publication is required.

  • Do not send a mix of different themes, models, photographers, etc in one submission.

  • We do not accept submissions transferred with WeTransfer or SmugMug as fetching files from those sources has proven troublesome in the past. Google Drive is preferred.

  • Submit 1-10 images.

    • Full shoots have a higher chance of a full spread as opposed to a group page.

  • Characters may be original designs or canon compliant.

    • At least one high resolution image pertaining to our current theme

Credit Information:

  • Please provide the name of the cosplay / characters submitted

  • We take crediting everyone involved in a shoot very seriously, but it is not our responsibility to correct misspelled credits emailed to us post the initial submission post issue release.

  • Errors in credit information cannot be edited after publication of the magazine. You must ensure that all credit information is correct and spelled correctly when it is sent to us.

  • Provide and format the creative team behind your submission. (Cosplayer, Photographer, prop commissioner, seamstress, wig stylist, etc) whatever is specifically applicable for your submission.

    • Do not include more than 2 links per person

    • Ideally an Instagram or Facebook page, plus an official handle / name is preferred.

  • Image Size Requirement:

    • Files may be sent as JPEG and PNG format.

    • For file handling we suggest Dropbox or Google Drive. Copy and paste a sharelink in your email.

    • Images submitted must be at least high resolution and quality files for print. We cannot print visibly pixelated images.

    • Minimum file size for submission is 1 MB 700 x 1050 pixels

    • High resolution images MUST be attached in your initial email to reduce back and forth’s via email. If you send a visibly low res image it will be sorted into the rejected folder immediately.

Tear Sheets Are Provided:

We send out tear sheets within the first 48 hours post release date of each issue. You are allowed to post your tear sheet (s) on your websites and or social medias with proper tagging. If there is an issue receiving your tear sheet after the 48 allotted hours please shoot us a follow up email! Please do not send us emails regarding your tear sheet until 48 hours have passed since the initial magazine release. We send each tear sheet out individually and require a certain amount of time to send them all through.

CRM is currently a print-on-demand magazine and does not offer complimentary copies.

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