How to have your work featured in Cosplay Realm Magazine

Written by Aesthel

Hey guys!! We just wanted to take a quick moment today to talk about getting your work featured by us in Cosplay Realm Magazine! As we just opened our current submission period, we thought this would be a good time to go over some of these things. While we always have our Submit Page available, we wanted to break down some of the best things you can do to help your submission!

  • Follow the Theme

The monthly theme is the first thing to consider when drafting up your submission to Cosplay Realm Magazine. Cosplay Realm is a curated magazine that sticks with it’s theme every month, so if you send in work that is irrelevant to the current theme, it will not be accepted for that month. We have a new theme every month, so if you have some specific photos or cosplays that you want to have featured by us, be sure to keep an eye out on our theme announcements every month to find the best issue to suit your images!

  • Get Permission and Include All Credit Information

Making sure everyone is on board with being published is one of Cosplay Realm’s biggest rules. Please communicate with your cosplayer or photographer before submitting your work to be featured in Cosplay Realm Magazine. Additionally, please make sure you have included credit information for all parties involved with a shoot. We require credit information in order to be featured in the magazine. Please be sure to go over your credits and make sure all usernames are spelled correctly! We copy credits directly from submission emails, so they will be printed exactly how you send them to us. CRM will not be held accountable for misspelled or missing credits; it is the submitters responsibility to correctly provide this information. Should you forget a credit or misspell them we are not able to change it after launch, so it is extremely important to get this information correct the first time.

  • Make Sure You Meet the Image Requirements

As Cosplay Realm Magazine is available in print, we need to have images that fit a minimum size requirement. If an image is too small or low quality, we will not be able to print it and still have the pages look good. Sometimes if an Image does not meet the minimum requirements it could turn out blurry or pixelated when it is blown up to magazine print size. We ask that all image submissions are a minimum of 300 DPI, at least 1000 pixels on its longest side, and have no visible pixelation. Due to these image size requirements, we are not able to print images that come from cell phones. Please make sure that your images are this size or larger before sending them in!

  • Keep Your Emails Organized

By this we mean, try not to send your submission spread out through multiple emails. It helps both us and you keep things organized and easy in the submission process! If your images are too large to attach to one email, you can use a transfer service or send them in a .zip folder! The best transfer services for us are Google Drive and Dropbox! We ask that you please do not use an image transfer service where access to the files can expire. We will need to access these files throughout the month in order to edit the magazine and for social media features if your work is chosen for them in the future!

  • Understand the Image Release

You can read the full Cosplay Realm Submission Image Release over on our Submit page. Please go over this release yourself and make sure all parties involved with your submission understand these guidelines as well. There are a few key points that are in this release that we often get asked about. Cosplay Realm does not provide free copies of the magazine, however everyone who is accepted will get a digital tearsheet to see where their work is featured in the magazine. You are free to post this tearsheet online and on social media, just please make sure to tag us or link back to us in some way on the post! Another important thing that is covered in the image release is age requirements. All submittors should be of 18 years or older. If you are not 18 years old, you can still submit if you have permission from a parent or legal guardian.

  • Don’t Give Up!

Sometimes a submission just doesn’t work out even if you follow all of the guidelines. Choosing who gets in to the magazine and who doesn’t is one of the hardest choices we make every month, however there is limited page space that we have to try and fit everyone in. If your work does not get accepted, please don’t feel bad or give up! We always invite everyone to submit their work again for a future issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine!

We hope these tips were helpful to those of you looking to submit your work in to be featured by Cosplay Realm Magazine in the future! We accept all submissions through our email, and again you can read the full image release guidelines on the Submit page of our website! We love seeing all of your work every month and we look forward to seeing any photos that you send in in the future! Be sure to keep up with the Cosplay Realm Magazine social media channels to keep up to date with our theme announcements every month!