Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order: The Next Star Wars Video Game Experience

Written by Aesthel

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has been a highly anticipated game since it’s announcement. While not much has been known about it up to this point, we did have a few key facts. The game produced by EA and Respawn Entertainment is supposedly a single player experience with no microtransactions that is heavily story focused. This is particularly exciting to gamers as we’re in such a highly saturated market for multiplayer and online games, so many people have been clamoring for a new single player story based game. The game is set to release in Fall of 2019.

The poster for the game was revealed earlier this week, and today Saturday April, 13th we’ll be seeing a panel all about the game coming from Star Wars Celebration. This year’s Celebration is being held in Chicago over April 11th to April 15th. Star Wars Celebration is a massive convention where fans travel from around the globe to see the latest in Star Wars news and announcements.

The poster for the game was also revealed earlier this week, and today Saturday April, 13th we’ll be seeing a panel all about the game coming from Star Wars Celebration.

jedi poster.jpg

The morning of the panel another teaser was revealed on the EA Star Wars Twitter. The panel was then held at 1:30pm CDT and was also live streamed on the official EA Star Wars Twitch broadcast.

The panel featured the crew from Respawn Entertainment who were eager to tell the audience about what they had been working on. They again stated that the game would have “No multiplayer, no micro transactions. This is a game about being a Jedi”. The game will be an action melee game where the player will have lightsabers and force powers. The combat is important to the game, but they said that it would be easy to pick up for newer players. We were excited to learn more details about the story of the game and the team knew that. The trailer was shown at the beginning of the panel and it while it didn’t show any gameplay, it used all in game assets and told us a lot about the new story.

The game will take place after Order 66 and is about a surviving padawan, Cal Kestis. Cal is voiced and visually based on actor Cameron Monaghan (Gotham, Shameless). When asked about Cal’s lightsaber, the Respawn team would not reveal any details. What they did say was that the lightsaber is intimately tied to the story and that it would grow and evolve as a reflection of Cal. Cal will also have a droid named BD-1 who he sees as his best friend.

The trailer also showed one of the Inquisitors. The Inquisitors were initially introduced in the animated series Star Wars: Rebels as an Empire force used to hunt down and kill any remaining Jedi. The Inquisitor shown in the trailer was revealed to be the Second Sister. In league with the Inquisitors is the newly introduced Purge Troopers. Purge Troopers were designed in collaboration with Marvel Comics, as both Respawn and Marvel were in need of a trooper to fit this role. The Purge Troopers will be used as support for the Inquisitors and are specially trained to fight Jedi. After giving the audience a view of these new troopers, they brought a live Purge Trooper cosplayer onto the stage to show off the new design.

The release date for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is November 15th, 2019.
It will be available on Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

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