CRM No. 22: The Dystopian Issue

Written by Aesthel


Cosplay Realm No. 22

The Dystopian Issue


Wow!! It’s 2019 already! In many ways it feels like 2018 flew by- while also being the longest year ever. We’re thrilled to be starting off this year on such a high note with the release of Cosplay Realm’s 22nd issue, the Dystopian issue!

This month we featured the beautiful Shelly D’Inferno as our cover model! She is photographed here by Richard Wakefield and they shot at the Road to Ruin Village and Festival! Shelly has been involved in the alternative scene as a model and performer, and she often makes her own original character designs to model! In the featured cover shoot, Shelly saw a dystopian Hello Kitty car designed by John Bitmead of Attitude Autos and designed her “Kittypocalypse” character and shoot with Richard Wakefield around it! Catch a full interview with Shelly, Richard, and more information on Road to Ruin in this issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine!


Also interviewed in this issue is Sailorbeeee! She has previously been featured in the Sci Fi issue of Cosplay Realm, we loved her work so much we had to revisit her, this time with a full interview! We spoke with her about combining fashion and editorial elements into cosplay, inspirations, marketing, and the way cosplay has affected her work!

The first part of our fashion section this month was very much inspired by the cover spread. We loved the Hello Kitty motifs in Shelly’s shoot, we had to bring it into our own style with the Hello Kitty X Chuu collection! The second portion of Cosplay Realm’s fashion section is inspired by anime streetwear and dystopian fashion with the brand Sugoi Shirts! We loved the touch of cuteness and darkness together to fully fledged out this month’s fashion section! Stay tuned for full articles about both of these brands on our site throughout this month!

The Dystopian issue of Cosplay Realm features series like Nier Automata, Darling in the Franxx, Mad Max, Attack on Titan, and so much more. We hope this issue gets you guys thinking and we hope you love it as much as we loved making it for you all!

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