Hello Kitty X Chuu X CRM

Written by Aesthel

This month we got the incredible opportunity to work with the Korean brand Chuu! It was a huge honor for us as we’ve been such big fans of their shop. It was even cooler because we got to work with them to feature their band new Hello Kitty X Chuu collection!

The products were packaged so well when they first arrived to us! They were in some adorable pink packaging with the phrase “Nice to Meet Chuu” printed on it, with each item individually wrapped inside. Cosplay Realm team member Aesthel filmed a full unboxing and try on video so you guys could see our first impressions! We each got two items to model together for our shoots- one top and one accessory each. Aesthel got the Hello Kitty X Chuu Knit Your Day Dream Knit and Hello Kitty X Chuu Lovely Kitty Bum Bag, while Emily got the Hello Kitty X Chuu Lovely Hoodie and Hello Kitty X Chuu Keep Cute Cap for her look!

A few days after the filming of that video, Aesthel and Emily got together to actually photograph the items! It was such a fun day of shooting! We took turns shooting the Chuu clothing and Sugoi Shirts- the other brand featured in January’s fashion section! Even though it was the end of December, a time that’s usually really cold where we live, we were able to get a beautiful day to shoot on! It was surprisingly warm and comfortable out. Enough so that Emily was able to go out and shoot her Chuu clothing in shorts!

Aesthel styled her outfit with a pink cat eared winter hat, white skirt, pink and white striped thigh highs, and pastel Steve Madden sneakers. Emily took photos of her outside in a completely desolate parking lot. As we were shooting for the Dystopian Issue of Cosplay Realm, we thought this would channel a little bit of those emotions- a completely desolate and empty world, nothing around her, with the main focus being on the outfit.

Emily styled her outfit with a peachy pink wig, denim shorts, and black Vans. For her shoot, Aesthel took the photos around a closed down amusement park. Again, we thought this could channel a little bit of dystopian edgy themes while still being cute and in style with the clothing. In Emily’s photos you can see distant roller coasters and ferris wheels, giving the shoot a really fun vibe.

Both of these outfits were super fun to model and photograph for us, and it was really exciting to work with a brand that we admire so much! It was also so cool to tie this shoot in with the cover shoot for this month of Shelly D’Inferno and Richard Wakefield’s Kittypocalypse!

Catch this shoot in print in Cosplay Realm No. 22 the Dystopian issue, available now!