A Parent's Guide to Anime Gifts

Written by Aesthel

As a kid growing up absolutely obsessed with anime who had parents that didn’t really know what anime was, I completely understand the struggle of giving gifts around this time of year. I remember year after year my parents asking me for lists of gift ideas. To save some other parents out there the struggle of looking for gifts, we’ve compiled a list of a few good ideas of what to get for your child that likes anime!

  • Anime Streaming Subscription - Under $10!

Help your child stay up to date on all of the latest anime and catch up on some old classics by gifting them a subscription to an anime streaming service! Anime streaming services range in price from around $4.99 to $6.95 a month. Some of the most well known streaming services are Crunchyroll, VRV, and HiDive!

  • Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are a really great way to get pre-curated items all in one place! There are many different anime based subscription boxes ranging in different genres and most have different themes for every month! Some that we have worked with in the past are Manga Spice Cafe which provides monthly manga and Japanese snacks as well as Kawaii Box which provides cute items from Japan! We also highly recommend Loot Anime, Akibento, and Japan Crate for more anime based boxes!!

  • Anime DVDs

Does your child have a favorite show? Pick up some dvds or blurays of their favorite series! That way they can rewatch their favorite episodes whenever they want! Anime DVDS can now be found at most mainstream places, even places like Walmart and Best Buy often carry anime nowadays! If their favorite show can’t be found there you can also always check out online shops! This year we’ve partnered up with Boxuchan in our holiday gift guide. Boxuchan is a service where you can get customized boxes of anime DVDs and other merch. Their survey system is perfect for getting a really unique gift! By just answering a few questions on their site when you order, their team will put together a great box of anime suggestions based on your child’s taste!

  • Manga

Most anime are usually based on an original manga (comic) series. If your child hasn’t read it already, getting them the manga of their favorite series is a great way to see where it came from! You can also pick up the first issue of a new series and maybe they will find a new show that they love! Like the DVDs, manga can often be found at mainstream book stores or online!

  • Character Merch

Character merch is a great way to show your child that you know about their interests! If you know who their favorite character is, character merch is a great idea! Character merch can range from small to large, affordable to expensive, keychains to figures or even T-Shirts! We recommend taking a look at AnimeStuffStore for character merch!

  • Cosplay Realm Magazine

Cosplay Realm Magazine is a monthly internationally publication that comes out on the first of every month. Cosplay Realm is available in both print and digital formats. Through Cosplay Realm you can learn about new series and cosplay tips. The magazine also features exclusive interviews with cosplayers, photographers, artists, and voice actors. Each month has a different theme and we’re sure you’ll be able to find a theme for any interest! Cosplay Realm is available as individual issues as well as a subscription through our Patreon!