Currently Watching: Voltron (ft. The Kigu Stop)

Written by Aesthel

Aesthel wearing the Pidge Varsity Jacket in size XS | Photo: Emily Rey

Aesthel wearing the Pidge Varsity Jacket in size XS | Photo: Emily Rey

Both of us here at the Cosplay Realm staff have recently gotten into watching the series “Voltron: Legendary Defender” on Netflix! We figured that it’s such a hugely popular series and we’ve featured cosplayers from it on both the very first issue of CRM as well as our most recent issue, the “Women of Pop Culture” issue, that we should probably get around to checking it out. Us watching this show came at just the perfect time as we were about to announce the Sci Fi theme and we knew Voltron would be great for this issue! 

Emily Rey wearing the Space Daddy Varsity Jacket in size XS | Photo: Aesthel

Emily Rey wearing the Space Daddy Varsity Jacket in size XS | Photo: Aesthel


My favorite character is Pidge while Emily LOVES Shiro! As we were catching up on the series I just knew that contacting The Kigu Stop for our Sci Fi issue would be a perfect fit! Although I wasn’t in a ton of the same fandoms, I have been following The Kigu Stop on instagram for a long time! Their shop produces so many great items, our favorite being their fandom inspired fashion! We reached out to them and we were so thrilled to be sent their Pidge and Shiro varsity jackets to shoot for the fashion section this month!


The jackets are perfect not just for out sci fi theme and our love of Voltron, but also because it’s now September and it’s back to school time for a lot of people! The jackets have beautiful embroidery on the front, sleeves, and back. They come in different colors and sizes, perfect for everyone to wear! The details include character names, symbols, and of course the paladin lions on the back of the jackets! The jackets are perfect for the fall and early winter as they keep you super warm and are made of a thick material. The Kigu Stop also makes jackets and fashion for other characters and series, including lots of “My Hero Academia”!

It was a huge honor to work with The Kigu Stop this month! We went out on one of the hottest days of the Maine summer to do a back to school inspired shoot and lookbook featuring the jackets. We styled looks inspired by the characters whose jackets we wore. Emily’s Shiro inspired look featured a silver wig, black beanie, Calvin Klein bralette, white skirt, black booties, and a black backpack. My Pidge inspired look featured a wig in the same warm brown color as Pidge’s hair, a white tee, black shorts, dark green heeled boots, and a brown over the shoulder bag. We tried to really bring a lot of the characters feel into our looks while keeping them casual and not a full on cosplay. We both really love showing off our fandom through our everyday wear, so creating wearable looks was something we really enjoyed doing with this shoot!

As I personally am getting through the most recent season of the show (released August 10th, 2018) and Emily is not far behind, we have really come to love and adore the characters in this show. We would both LOVE to officially cosplay our favorite characters someday! To those of you who have watched the show, who are your favorite characters?

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