Ota-Q Apparel Photoshoot

The May 2018 “Kawaii” issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine had a special fashion feature on the brand Ota-Q Apparel! This super fun indie brand is designed by artist Courtney Skinner, also known as Callie-O! A huge inspiration for the brand was providing accessible and cute clothing despite size and location!


We were sent a few pieces of clothing from this super kind brand and on April 28th the CRM team did a huge editorial photoshoot featuring the clothing! Modeling and photography was split between CRM founder Emily Rey and Aesthel while photo editing was all done by Emily! Items from Ota-Q that we photographed included the Pastel Pixel Star Dad Shirt and Pastel Pixel Star Suspender Skirt modeled by Aesthel as well as the Funfetti Dot Suspender Skirt and the Dolly Dad Shirt modeled by Emily Rey.


This photoshoot was a super fun experience for both of us and it was the perfect way to celebrate the warm season coming! We took photos on the beach and on the streets with the sun shining down on us, it was such a beautiful day! Emily wore her pieces in two different outfits, each with different inspirations. The first look was a darker “pastel goth” inspired look with the Funfetti skirt and the second was a brighter “Barbie” inspired look to go with the Dolly shirt! Aesthel wore both of her pieces in one matching set cord and the pattern looked so perfect!



Since the release of the Kawaii issue of CRM on May 1st, Ota-Q apparel has launched their new Manga collection! The Manga collection features comic motifs and lots of cute characters in the clothing! Other than skirts and button ups, Ota-Q also offers other items of clothing such as leggings, pants, dresses, shorts, jackets, and tops. Their clothes are made to fit kawaii people of all shapes and sizes so anyone can wear them!

Follow Ota-Q’s social media on Instagram and Facebook. Buy your own super kawaii clothing at Ota-q.store!

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