Rebel Realm Podcast Intro!


We have been wanting to start this up for a few months now as Aesthel and I have been brainstorming so much cool content we wanna make for CRM. We have some pretty big stuff coming up, and some very exciting news to share with you all! We are starting a….drum roll please… PODCAST! Yes we are starting a CRM podcast featuring Aesthel and I (@Emilyreyofficial ) as the main hosts, the podcast will be called Rebel Realm. We knew we wanted the name of our show to be Inspired by Star Wars, as it was both of our favorite series and brought us very close together as friends! 

We will be hanging out on the podcast for 30-45 minutes once or twice a month talking about all things related to Cosplay Realm, and the current theme of the magazine, but also having industry cosplay and film guests on as well! We are still fleshing out the details as we go, but y’all better get ready because it is gonna be a GOOD time. We will be uploading the podcast to all of your fave streaming sites and also filming the show and putting it on YouTube if thats more your thing. 

We'll be sitting down and chatting with some of the people we have previously featured in the magazine and catch up with them! We are excited to branch out into a new form of media whilst continuing our print magazine of course! Thank you all for your endless support and excitement surrounding CRM we couldn’t do it without ya! 

-Emily Rey