Currently Watching: Zombie Land Saga

Written by: Aesthel

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With the Idol issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine just coming out this month it felt fitting to start a new idol series! The winter season of anime just started up and I was really drawn to the series Zombie Land Saga. It was so perfect to watch while finishing up the Idol issue and coming up on Halloween! The series started on October 4th, 2018 and is currently being simulcast on Crunchyroll.


Zombie Land Saga starts as your typical idol anime but it immediately hits you with a truck within the first five minutes. I don’t mean that as a metaphor- the main character LITERALLY gets hit with a truck and dies right as the show starts. From there it only gets weirder as ten years later Sakura Minamoto is resurrected as a zombie to be a part of an idol group, Franchouchou.

The rest of the crazy cast of characters includes the group’s manager and the other members of the group who are also all resurrected zombies from different time periods. Franchouchou’s members include the delinquent Saki Nikaido, child star Lily Hoshikawa, Meiji courtesan Yugiri, previous idols Ai Mizuno and Junko Konno, and finally Tae Yamada… who just seems to be a normal zombie. The show’s antics include typical idol show tropes with the addition of a world where the band must hide the fact that they are zombies. This show is a hilarious trip and I highly recommend checking it out!


If you are interested in watching the show be sure to check it out on Crunchyroll now! So far nine episodes are out and new ones are available every Thursday at 11:30am EDT.

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