CRM #28 The Gothic Horror Issue

Written by Aesthel


This month’s issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine; themed “Gothic Horror”, was released on July 1st and we’re so excited to tell you guys a bit about it! This theme was inspired by gothic horror literature like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe as well as gothic and victorian aesthetics. 

Our wonderful cover feature this month is on cosplay couple Silverlinings Cosplay and photographer Alexandra Lee Studios. You can find interviews with all of them in our cover spread this issue! Silverlinings Cosplay has some INCREDIBLY detailed and beautiful cosplays of Dracula and Lisa from Castlevania, and we loved getting a bit of insight to the design process behind these cosplays. They also told us about their work raising money for various charities through cosplay. We love seeing when cosplayers are able to turn their love and passion into something good for their community too! 

When speaking with AleeStudios we got to learn a lot about her photography process. She has been featured a few times in previous issues of Cosplay Realm, and we really love her work so it was so great to be able to talk with her in this issue! We learned a lot about her process with image composites in this interview, and we think you guys will find it really interesting!


Another exciting interview featured in this month’s issue of the magazine is with Denialism Cosplay! She told us about planning out content, running a cosplay Patreon, and her process with self shooting her work. There is a lot of helpful advice to be found in this interview for other cosplayers and photographers alike!

Besides interviews, we also have a really exciting featured spread with Mehron Makeup this month! They sent us one of their brand new Resident Evil 2 make up kits, and we had a blast turning our friend Jordubs into a zombie! It’s always fun to see brands collaborating across fields, and we loved the combo of Resident Evil and make up! It was the perfect match up, and it would be even more perfect for cosplayers looking to cosplay from the series (or any other spooky series). Stay tuned to the CRM blog to see a full breakdown of our makeup process for this shoot!

Inside of the Gothic Horror issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine you can find many fandoms including Castlevania, Black Butler, Bloodborne, and so many more! Pick up your copy of the Gothic Horror issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine today to see more!