Introducing Coloured Contacts Into Your Cosplay

Written by the team at Coloured Contacts


Hello Cosplay Realm readers! We are Coloured Contacts and we are excited to be sharing this article with you about how you could incorporate coloured contacts lenses into your Cosplay. Whether you require non-prescription or prescription contact lenses, we have hundreds of designs of FDA Approved and CE Marked coloured contact lenses.

Choosing Your Cosplay Contacts

When it comes to cosplay contacts there are usually a few criteria to fill to get the perfect design:

⦁ Style: The iris design of the contacts is hugely important and will vary for natural contact lenses and costume contacts.

⦁ Colour: Coloured Contacts come in a range of shades and colours to help you achieve the perfect match. This will also help customers with dark eyes find the brightest colours for best coverage.

⦁ Size: From regular iris styles to larger sclera types, the size of the lenses gives you the opportunity to try circle contact lenses in an anime style or regular coverage SFX styles.

⦁ Duration: Do you regularly cosplay the same character? Choosing a longer duration lens could save you money in the long run. If you only want to try a style once then opt for a disposable daily design.

Styling Cosplay Contact Lenses

The real proof is in the wearing of contact lenses. As we are sure you are aware, it can be difficult to know what contact lenses will look like in real life, especially since the natural colour of your own eye will affect the results. At Coloured Contacts, we are lucky enough to have worked with talented affiliates who share images of our contact lenses in action. If you want to see more from our MUAs, Cosplayers, and SFX Makeup Artists then check out our gallery.

We wanted to share with you a couple of our favourite Cosplays so you can see our lenses in action.


Cosplay Contact Lenses In Photoshoots

Contact lenses are often used in photoshoots. Whether you are re-creating your favourite anime series poster or are working on a cool action shot of a scene from your character’s movie, having bright eyes with a vibrant colour will help them to stand out on camera.

For example, @avada___kedavra has transformed herself into a wicked Darth Maul. She definitely looks like she belongs on the Dark Side of the force with her action shot. This Star Wars photoshoot wouldn’t be complete without Darth Maul’s red skin and eyes.

@har_fie loves to Cosplay All Might from My Hero Academia. In this shot it looks like his fists are zooming through the air. The white contact lenses paired with black eye makeup help create the anime eyes illusion. White contact lenses are a useful way or easily creating anime and cartoon style eyes by giving the appearance of an extended sclera.


Wearing Cosplay Contact Lenses To Comic Con Events

We know that many of you will be looking for contact lenses to wear to Comic Con events. These all-day events can be pretty tiring so we want to make sure the one thing that stays feeling fresh are your eyes. The contact lenses we stock are soft contact lenses designed to allow oxygen to reach the eye. The thin surface provides optimum comfort and keeps eyes feeling hydrated.

@ladyparadoxx used our contact lenses to bring to life another of the My Hero Academia characters, Dabi. This character is sure to be a popular choice for Comic Cons so with the right makeup and contact lenses you can create your best Cosplay yet.

We love to see Cosplays from other pop culture sources too, e.g. superheroes and Disney characters. @hannah_in.wonderland wore a pair of our Natural Contact Lenses to MCM London Comic Con 2019 as part of her awesome Rapunzel Cosplay.

Contact Lens Safety Tips

It isn’t just the style we focus on; we also have plenty of information available on our website to help you stay safe when using coloured contact lenses. Our Care Guides include helpful hints and tutorials on subjects such as how to insert contact lenses and how to store contact lenses.

You can find all our coloured contact lenses on our online store. If you are a fan of Cosplay or love to create SFX makeup looks be sure to visit us on Instagram and tag us in your Coloured Contacts posts for a re-post. We would love to meet some new cosplayers who love trying out new contact lenses looks as much as we do!