Marvel Comics Photoshoot with Emily Rey and Aesthel

Written by Aesthel

Recently the Cosplay Realm team got together to do a fun new cosplay shoot! For a long time now we’ve only really been shooting content to go along with each of the magazine themes, so it was really nice to just take some time to do a photoshoot of some cosplays just for fun!

Both Emily and I are huge fans of Marvel Comics, and with her ordering a few new Marvel cosplays a little while ago it seemed like the perfect thing! For this shoot, Emily decided to wear her new Spider Gwen cosplay. I only have one Marvel cosplay, but it was still really special for both of us to shoot as Magik again considering that was really where our friendship started; through a photoshoot of this cosplay!

For this shoot we really wanted a city backdrop for those super hero vibes, so we went into the city of Portland, Maine. We found the perfect spot for these photos on the top level of a parking garage! We really loved how this shoot came out with the beautiful cityscape in the background, the sun shining down on us, and some friends along to help too!

Jordubs and TrashyVVitch are two dear friends to us here at Cosplay Realm. Some of you guys might recognize them from some of our recent Rebel Realm Podcast episodes and from the CRM Patreon community! Having friends nearby to help on a photoshoot made a world of difference. With some help from these two we were also able to film a fun vlog video for you guys to come along with us during the photoshoot!

After the photoshoot, we did a classic Aesthel and Emily Rey move and went over to a nearby Starbucks for some cool drinks. They were MUCH needed after spending that time out in the hot sun and definitely helped cool us off.

The final stop for our big Marvel day out on the town was at Casablanca Comics. We love shopping at our local comic shops, and Casablanca is extra special as they were the ones to recommend Spider Gwen comics to Emily! It was so fun to just show up to the shop in cosplay and both the employees and other customers were so excited to see us too!

Check out the full album of our photoshoot below to see more!

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