Photographer Highlight: ChezPhoto

Written by Aesthel

Today is the birthday of one of our favorite photographers, ChezPhoto! To help her celebrate, we wanted to give her a little highlight here on the Cosplay Realm Blog!

You might remember seeing her work recently as the featured cover artist for our Female Photographer Special issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine. Riley is such an incredibly talented photographer and photo editor! Her work blows us away every time we see new photos from her! Riley’s photos tend to have a really inviting warm tone to them, and we love the way her editing style brings out the cosplayers in her photos. Outside of cosplay photography, you can also find Riley shooting for weddings and doing conceptual photography and other forms of creatuve photography!

Riley also runs the Facebook group “Female Cosplay Photographers” , which is a great place to collaborate, get business or photography opinions, share cool locations, organize meet ups at cons, or just hype each other up!

Recently at Anime Boston 2019, I had the chance to shoot with Riley myself. It was such an incredibly fun experience and I can’t wait to shoot with her again someday in the future! She was super easy to work with for our shoot, and even in the (extremely) limited space around Anime Boston we were able to create some beautiful images together. Riley helped find good locations that worked for my cosplay, helped with posing and expressions, and was also just genuinely fun to hang out with and talk to!

If you will be at a convention where Riley is taking photos, we highly recommend booking with them for and fun time and some stunning photos! You can learn more about booking with her on her website!

ChezPhoto can be found online at their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can also find more of Riley’s work in the Female Photographer issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine!