Photoshoot Behind The Scenes With CRM and We Love Colors

Written by Aesthel
Cosplays by Emily Rey and Aesthel
Photography by Emily Rey, Aesthel, and Cousin Lukey
Photo Editing by Emily Rey

This month for our Dungeons and Dragons issue the Cosplay Realm Magazine team got the amazing opportunity to work with We Love Colors! We Love Colors is a unique clothing company and family-run business founded in 2002. They specialize in hand dyed products that are perfect for fashion,dancers, and cosplayers alike! One of their newest products, the Long Seamless Matte Gloves, are perfect for cosplayers wearing body paint to match their skin tone! If your character shows more skin, we also recommend their Microfiber Solid Color Tights for covering your legs and their leotards for covering your torso!

For our collaboration with We Love Colors, they sent us two pairs of their Long Seamless Matte Gloves and Microfiber Solid Color Tights in the shades Sky Blue for Jester and Lilac for Mollymauk. Before shooting, both of us spent some time customizing our gloves. Check out our helpful How - To guide here!


The morning of our shoot was pretty crazy. We actually had our own personal Dungeons and Dragons game that afternoon, but Emily messaged me first thing in the morning and asked if I wanted to do the shoot before our game. Before I knew it she was at my house and we were both painting ourselves with our Mehron Paradise Makeup at nine in the morning.

As we finished up our make up and got our cosplays completely on we then head out to shoot! While a lot of the photos from this shoot look like they’re in the middle of wilderness and fields, we were actually just shooting outside of my apartment buildings! That of course got us some stares from my neighbors, but hey I’m pretty used to it at this point. One of the cutest moments was when one of my neighbor’s son ran up to us and was excited to see the “halloween monsters” out on the woods path near the buildings!

We started out by shooting Em’s Mollymauk cosplay. We wanted to get her out of that before me because the shoes she was wearing for this cosplay had some pretty ridiculous heels that were giving her a hard time. We wouldn’t have been able to do this all without the help of my roommate Lukey. While I took photos of Em, he used my camera to take some vlog clips for us.

After we felt we had gotten enough pictures of Em as Molly, we did a few photos together. This was actually one of my favorite parts of the whole shoot. Em and I are both cosplayers, and we’ve both cosplayed together as in the same time, but we’ve never cosplayed someTHING together. This was the first time we were both cosplaying from the same thing and it was so much fun! We also generally don’t get too many photos together as one of us is usually behind the camera taking pictures of the other. Lukey again helped us here, taking photos on Em’s camera of both of us together.

And of course a shoot with Mollymauk wouldn’t be complete without some angst. We like to imagine these photos as Jester’s nightmare, wishing she could have been there to heal Molly.

After we finished the duo shots we went back inside for a short break. We made a few goofy TikToks on my phone and then Emily went to go change out of her Molly cosplay. Well… mostly change out of it. When we went back out to take the solo shots of my Jester cosplay she still had a purple face and her wig on, but normal clothes.

We moved around to a few different areas for my Jester photos. We took some of them out in a big open field, which let a lot of sunlight in. These photos looked really bright and happy and I love how they came out! After that we moved back over to the woods path where we previously had shot Em’s Mollymauk. I had a lot of fun channeling some of Jester’s sassiness in these photos!

In both of our shoots we tried to get some variation between shots. We wanted some that would show off our cosplays as a whole, and others that would focus on the products from We Love Colors. Emily was wearing their Seamless Matte Gloves in the shade Lilac for her Molly cosplay. For my Jester cosplay I wore their Seamless Matte Gloves and their Microfiber Solid Color Tights  both in the shade Sky Blue.

By the time we finished with the shoot it was practically time for our Dungeons and Dragons game to start! Emily went up to shower and wash off her bodypaint first, leaving me downstairs in my full Jester cosplay while the rest of our game party arrived. It was fun to have some time as Jester with them before the game started! Then I went up and showered, changing into some comfortable clothes, and we went on to have our game! After the game we recorded the return episode of the Rebel Realm Podcast, be sure to give that a listen if you haven’t yet!

If you’d like to see more behind the scenes looks at this photoshoot, be sure to check out the shoot vlog over on my YouTube channel!

We’d like to thank We Love Colors again for sending their products to us! This shoot was so much fun and we both are so happy with how it came out! The gloves and tights drastically upgraded our cosplays and the two of us could never go back to painting ourselves completely after using these!

See more of our shoot in the Dungeons and Dragons issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine, available now!