Rebel Realm Podcast: Episode 5 | Origin Stories, Upcoming Conventions, Cosplay Burnout & Inspiration, and Marvel Photoshoots

Written by Aesthel

Hey guys! After a brief hiatus (yes, we know, we just came back and already a hiatus) after Emily had her wisdom tooth surgery, we are BACK with another episode of the Rebel Realm Podcast! In this episode of the podcast, we talk about shooting some Marvel cosplays, and through that reminisce on our “origin story”. If you guys didn’t know, Emily and I first became friends through her doing a photoshoot of my Magik cosplay from X Men! Recently we decided to revisit that cosplay and do a shoot of me in it, while at the same time also doing a shoot of Emily in her new Spider Gwen cosplay!

In this episode we also talk about some Cosplay Realm news, the approaching Pride issue and Pride season, and some of our upcoming conventions! If you’d like to meet either of us, I (Aesthel) will be at Scare-A-Con New England with The Shoggoth Assembly, and later this month you can find both of us at Portcon Maine! It’s always nice to remember why we love to cosplay and remember to find boosts of inspiration, even when things feel tough. We loved talking about some of our memories cosplaying together throughout this episode! Thank you once again to Kira (Trashy_VVitch) for coming on as a guest and chatting with us again this episode!

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Things mentioned in this episode:

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