CRM @ Katsucon 2019

Written by Aesthel

Photo  @ShotbyETC   Sombra -  @AzuletteCosplay  Mercy -  @jessicanigri  DVA -  @gladzykei   Pharah -  @Sayakatcosplay  Widowmaker -  @Lynnunlimited  Symmetra -  @BeckaNoel  Ashe -  @bindismalls  Brigitte -  @Saya_Costumes  Mcree -  @rad.cosplay   Designs by @GladzyKei

Photo @ShotbyETC

Sombra - @AzuletteCosplay
Mercy - @jessicanigri
DVA - @gladzykei
Pharah - @Sayakatcosplay
Widowmaker - @Lynnunlimited
Symmetra - @BeckaNoel
Ashe - @bindismalls
Brigitte - @Saya_Costumes
Mcree - @rad.cosplay

Designs by @GladzyKei

Cosplay Realm Magazine had the amazing opportunity to be brought on as press to cover Katsucon 2019! This is our second year covering Katsucon and we’re so happy with everything we worked on over this weekend! We’re so excited to finally show you guys everything from this weekend!

Both Emily and Aesthel spent the weekend taking photos of the event, the cosplayers, and even cosplaying themselves too! We got to hang out with so many of our friends and people that we’ve met through the magazine all weekend! It was pretty amazing getting to shoot with you guys after we’ve previously featured so many of you! Emily said that she thinks the photos she got this weekend are some of the best she’s ever done! It was so nice to get in to shooting cosplays again after so much time!

On Friday Emily cosplayed as Link from Breath of the Wild. She had a lot going on between cosplaying herself and taking photos, but it was absolutely worth it! Her cosplay looked so good and she had a lot of fun being one of her favorite characters! Aesthel wore Rin Kagamine on Friday, a cosplay that she’s owned since high school but has only worn to a convention for the first time now! On Saturday Emily wore some awesome anime inspired streetwear which was perfect for doing shoots in while showing off her interests! Meanwhile, Aesthel wore her new Snow Miku cosplay and she was so happy with how it came out!

Psylocke: @VeronicaRaeOfficial Photo: @ShotByETC
@Crowe_Cosplay Photo: @ShotByETC
@TeensieBug Photo: @ShotByETC
@Lyssmariecosplay Photo: @Aesthel
Ruby of the Sea:
@Charli_dressed_up Photo: @Aesthel

This year at Katsucon we decided to focus on more one-on-one photoshoots rather than hall shots. We definitely think this paid off in getting some beautiful content! Not only are these photos perfect for printing in the March issue of the magazine where we’ll be printing our Katsu coverage, but we’re also so happy to deliver these images to our friends and the other cosplayers we met over the weekend! We love giving you guys great content to post too and we’re really proud of what we worked on over this weekend!

One of our favorite shoots is one we’re still keeping a secret for now! This secret shoot will be revealed soon, as we’ll be using a photo from it for the cover of our March issue! It ties in perfectly with both our Katsucon coverage as well as our Shonen theme!

In addition to taking photos, Aesthel was also vlogging the whole weekend! If you’d like to see a little video showing what we were up to all weekend, be sure to check hers out!

We’ll be uploading articles here on our website going more in depth into some of our shoots from this weekend, so be sure to stay tuned for those! You can also keep an eye out on the CRM social media as well as Emily’s and Aesthel’s personal pages to see more of our Katsucon content as we upload it!