Critical Role @ Katsucon 2019

Written by Aesthel

Photos by Aesthel

Being a huge fan of Critical Role on Geek & Sundry, I was super excited to see all of the incredible critter cosplays at Katsucon this year! There were more than I could shoot with! Since I love this series and fandom so much I tried to get a few different groups throughout the weekend.

On Friday while Emily was shooting the Akatsuki group, I found a group of Mighty Nein cosplayers heading over to the beach to shoot! They were super kind and let me join in on their shooting, grabbing a few photos while they also got some photos of each other! I got a few group shots as well as individual shots of the cosplayers in this group! The beach location was perfect considering that the Mighty Nein just finished a large ocean themed arc!


One of my favorite shots from this whole shoot was a candid I got while the group of them were all taking a selfie together. I think it perfectly portrays how friendly and inviting this fandom is!

Jester: @Remdragon8

Caleb: @Lettelle

Nott: @CodeNora

Fjord: @CaptainBerserk

Callie: @2cats1apartment

After this group I found another group of some stunning Critical Role ladies! This group caught me totally unexpectedly as I was sitting down to take a break. Emily pointed out the Jester’s lollipop spiritual weapon prop and then when I saw the whole group I just HAD to get some photos of them! I love the Ruby of the Sea cosplay with her little Sapphire Jester! The two of them were so cute together! And while I was taking photos of the two of them their friend showed up as Nott too! Nott had a giant flask covered in Critical Role stickers just like the one Sam Riegel has on the show, it was so perfect!!

Marion: @Charli_dressed_up

Jester: @WittyName.Here

Nott: @FireyConstellation

The last Critical Role cosplayer that I got some photos of was this super adorable Jester cosplayer! If you couldn’t tell, Jester is one of my favorite characters from the Mighty Nein. This Jester was walking by at just the right time and location, and I love how these photos came out!! She had a really cool spiritual weapon prop too, and I loved the big bow on it!

Jester: @LyssmarieCosplay

Other than the amazing cosplayers, there was also some really great Critical Role art in the artist alley! I highly recommend checking out convention artist alleys for Crit Role art, I’ve always found so much great work there! This time I got some keychains from the artist Tifany Gonzalez Art! Other than keychains, she also had a lot of beautiful prints! Her table featured lots of Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Age, and other fantasy art!

Find more of her work at her Instagram and her Etsy page!


We had a great time at Katsucon this year and we were so happy to get the opportunity to be brought on as press! Thank you to Katsucon and to the amazing cosplayers we met there! Be sure to follow the CRM social media and check back here on our site for more Katsucon coverage!