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Some exciting Cosplay Realm news today! Last month we launched our official Patreon! This is something we’ve been wanting to start up for a long time here at Cosplay Realm and we are so excited to see how well we’ve done in our first month!

Our base tier is our most popular tier so far! By pledging a minimum of $1 to us every month you get access to the Patreon exclusive feed! The Patreon gets around two posts a week from us. Posts here include sneak peeks at what we are working on every month, early views of the cover and pages from inside the magazine, and probably most exciting of all, our Patrons are the first to know about the next month’s theme! This gives anyone pledging to us on Patreon about one week of a head start to submit their work for the next issue!



Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 8.45.45 AM.png

Our second tier is the CRM Fanclub tier, which grants you access to the Cosplay Realm private Discord server! The server is a great place to chat with the CRM team and fans! We have channels where you can talk about cosplays, conventions, show off your work, chat about the latest pop culture trends, and more!

Before now, there was no way to officially subscribe and receive a copy of Cosplay Realm Magazine every month. Now with Patreon we are able to provide both digital and print subscriptions to our readers! On top of that, our highest tier is a Patreon exclusive alternate cover version of the magazine! These alternate covers are only available through our Patreon and will only be available the month that issue is released! After that they will be gone for good!

We hope you guys are interested in joining our Patreon and we’d like to sincerely thank those who have already backed us on there! The Patreon seriously helps us SO much between working on the magazine, doing shoots, and covering conventions. We couldn’t do this without you guys!

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